best ways to take cbd

Breaking Down the Best Ways to Take CBD

best ways to take cbd

Last Updated: February 2022

Since the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, many methods have become available to enjoy cannabidiol products. Choosing the most efficient way to consume CBD can seem a bit overwhelming, but if you understand each method’s pros and cons you can make an informed decision based on your needs.

Yet, with so many options, where is the best place to start? If you are interested in trying a new CBD or hemp-derived product, keep reading to learn the best way to properly use it for optimal results.

Determining the Best Consumption Methods

Users who may be unsure of the best way to consume CBD should judge each method by two metrics: bioavailability and usability. Ideally, you want to find a way to take CBD that will lead you to a daily dose and deliver an optimal amount to the bloodstream based on your needs.

The method with the highest bioavailability is not necessarily the best option if you are not consistently using the product. Contrarily, a small dose of a technique with low bioavailability may not deliver enough CBD to the body to be effective enough.

Choosing which method is best for you depends on how likely you are to take the method and how many milligrams of CBD your body needs to make a noticeable change.

Dosing With Oils

Hemp oils are typically taken sublingually by being absorbed under the tongue. When we allow CBD oil to be consumed through the major salivary glands in our mouth, more gets to the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body.

Sublingual administration tends to be one of the most efficient methods. Some disadvantages of using oil may be sensitivity to taste or its delivery mechanism. Certain types of hemp may have a strong, earthy flavor. Also, if oil is not dosed properly it can be much less bioavailable.

Giving Edibles a Try

Generally, edibles have a relatively low bioavailability rate. The CBD is sent to the digestive system where much is processed down by the liver. Not all edibles, however, are created equal.

CBD gummies tend to have a higher bioavailability rate because most of the digestive process happens in the mouth. By thoroughly chewing a gummy, this breaks down the cannabidiol, allowing its molecules to be absorbed much easier than from a baked good edible.

An advantage of CBD edibles is simple consumption. It is important to be mindful of how the body breaks down a dosage of cannabidiol based on how it enters the body. For example, a 25mg edible dose will typically process slower than 25mg of oil taken sublingually.

Applying Topicals to the Skin

The absorption rate of topical CBD is currently less researched compared to other methods, but we do know our skin is much less permeable than the mucosal glands in our mouths. Typically, topicals tend to have a quicker effectiveness compared to digestion inside the body.

We recommend keeping a topical around when you have sore joints or muscles or are looking for an alternate form of relief. It’s important to be mindful that certain areas of the body may react differently to CBD topicals based on sensitivity.

Can You Dab CBD?

Another popular form of consuming CBD is through concentrated extracts, sometimes referred to as dabs. This consumption method was initially more commonplace in the world of recreational cannabis, but dabbing cannabidiol extracts are gaining in popularity.

If you are looking to consume the highest amount of CBD possible in a short period of time, you may want to consider dabbing. Some drawbacks, however, are the equipment necessary for doing so, due to the costs and safety required. Additionally, inhaling hot vapor could irritate the lungs.

Finding Your Balance

When it comes to CBD consumption, consistency is the key. Finding the method that works with your lifestyle may take some trial and error, but with an understanding of each method, you are in a proper place to make an informed decision.

Are you looking to try a new way of taking CBD, but aren’t sure where to begin? We have a variety of options and are glad to assist! Reach out to learn more about our hemp products and options.